Introduction: Simple PS3 Arduino Project

Hello to everyone.Let's introduce myself.My name is dimitris and i am from Greece.I love very much Arduino becasuse it's smart board.I will try to describe as best as i can this instructable in order to make by anyone.So let's start.

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Chassis

Every robot needs a chassis.I buy my chassis from ebay and i am very pleased because the materials fits perfectly.If you want you can make your own chassis.You will need 20x20 plywood or plastic.Place the Arduino and usb host shield on the chassis with screws.Also, plug the usb bluetooth on USB host shield.

Step 3: Wiring Scheme

Follow this diagram to make the connections.E1 and E2 are the pwm of motor controller and have to be connected in pwm of arduino.E1 goes on pwm 3 of Arduino,M1 goes on digital pin 2 of arduino.E2 goes on pwm 5 of Arduino,M2 goes on digital pin 4 of Arduino.Connect the VS from the motor controller to vin pin of Arduino.The GND from motor Controller to GND of Arduino.Connect motor A and motor B as the image show and then place the motor controller with a screw near to the Arduino and usb host shield.Finally, place the 9V battery on the chassis and you are almost ready to go.

Step 4: How to Connect a PS3 Controller to an Arduino

The connection between Arduino and PS3 Controller is piece of cake.The only thing you have to do is to follow this video.

Step 5: Arduino Code

After you have paired your arduino with PS3 Controller you have to upload the sketch that i make.When you press X the two motors drive forward and when press Δ the motors drive backwards.When you press the right arrow the right motor drive forward and the other backward.When you press the left arrow the left motor drive backward and the other forward.When you upload the sktech disconnect the cable from pc and put 6 AA batteries on your Arduino power jack and you are ready.

Step 6: Images From the Complete Project

That's it my PS3 project.Have fun