Introduction: Simple Pen Holder

Welcome to: How to make an easy pen holder!

In this Instructable I will show you the design process of this pen holder, and show you how you can make it at home!

*Please note all the dimensions in this project are to the size of my pen. Please measure the diameter of your pen before making this instructable.

*Please not that this instructable is based of the size of my pen. Please measure your pen before making this instructable


A 3D Printer

3D Printer Filament (Any Color)


Step 1: Import the Base Shape (Round Roof)

Import a Round Roof from the shape menu (on the right)

Step 2: Resizing the Base Shape

Now we must resize the base shape we imported in step 1. Resize the shape to: 23mm by 24mm

Step 3: Importing the Pen Hole

Import a tube. This will be where our pen goes.

Step 4: Resizing the Pen Hole

Resize the pen hole to be: 10mm by 10mm Height: 45mm, Wall thickness 0.5, Radius: 10

Step 5: Changing the Pen Hole's Angle

Now we must adjust the angle of our pen hole. Here our angle is 45° but you can change your angle.

Step 6: Lifting the Pen Hole

Lifting the pen hole is required. Otherwise the pen will touch the table

Step 7: Moving the Pen Hole

Move the pen hole to the place shown in the image

Step 8: Congratulations! You Have Finished Designing the Model!

Step 9: Exporting From TinkerCAD

Step 10: Saving As GCode (May Vary With Your Printer)

Step 11: 3D Printing

Using your 3D Printer, Print the design we just exported from TinkerCAD.

Step 12: Congratulations! You Have Made a Pen Holder

Congratulations! You just made a 3D Printed pen holder!

Step 13:

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