Simple Phone /Device Camera Lens Protector.

Introduction: Simple Phone /Device Camera Lens Protector.

About: I am the Head of the Props Workshop at Nottingham Playhouse Theatre. I have over 30 years professional experience in prop making, scenic art, model making and design.

If like me you rely on the quality of your mobile / cell phones camara to take sharp detailed photographs to showcase your work or communicate with other makers, designers, clients etc. but also work in an environment that creates a lot of dust and grit that can find it way into you pockets along with other everyday items such as keys and coins that are likely to scratch the devises camara lens then is is a simple hack that will protect your lens.

All I do is cut a patch of lens cleaner fabric that is slightly larger then the window in my phone holder. The fabric can then be placed underneath the holder covering the lens. This makes a protective barrier which will help to stop the delicate lens from getting damaged and the expense and hassle of having it replaced or waiting for your contract to finish for an upgrade.

When I want to take a photo or video then I can quickly pinch the fabric and pull it out. the Fabric also means you are carrying around a handy cleaning cloth so you can easily wipe off any dirt or grease that may find itself on you lens whist on the move.


  • lens cleaning cloth.
  • Scissors. I used pinking shears but a normal pair of scissors will do just fine.

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