Introduction: Simple Pixy Camera Robot

this simple robot can find the object that you have already teach it ;

you only need :

arduino mega (or uno or nano ... )


2 motors + 2 wheels


battery ( 9v or any one you want )

Step 1: How to Teach Pixy an Object

you can teach any objet to pixy via this link :

Step 2: Build the Robot

use l293d to control motor

connect : input 1 to arduino pin 2

input 2 to arduino pin 3

input 3 to arduino pin 4

input 4 to arduino pin 5

test your robot and verify the forward , trun left , trun right and stop

if it's ok now add pixy

Step 3: Add Pixy

i used the support to only fixe the pixy in the position that i want , you can see that the servos are disconnected

Step 4: The Code

Step 5: Video