Introduction: Pleated Mask W/Filter Pocket & Nose Piece

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Supplies are listed on PDF, too:

  • Rotary cutter w/fresh blade
  • 36" cutting mat
  • Sharp scissors or thread cutter
  • Seam ripper
  • Straight pins, clips, fabric marker
  • Sewing machine (note - you can make these by hand)
  • Serger (optional - zig zag or finishing stitch works, too)
  • Long ruler (I use both a 24" quilting ruler and a 36-42" Drywall Square)
  • Hem gauge (Ruler will work)
  • Iron, ironing board

Construction Tips:

  • If making multiple masks, cut in groups - all fronts, all backs, all side pieces
  • Use of dry wall square is a game changer; super fast and easy to keep straight
  • Goal is to make a wearable mask; don't get caught up in whether your seams are perfect or all pieces match
  • If making multiples, sew all by steps, similar to making blocks for a quilt
  • Remember, the seam ripper is your friend

Filters: Please review info on instructions - do your homework when you get ready to make a mask. Materials are changing daily, as is availability. The most effective masks have high screen filters.