Simple Plywood Box...




Introduction: Simple Plywood Box...

What you need

1/2 plywood
1/8 plywood
wood glue
finish nail gun
1/2 nails (for the finish nail gun)
Table Saw (TechShop)
Router Table (TechShop)
Chop Saw (TechShop)
Scrape Piece of Wood
Flush Trim Router Bit 
Masking Tape

Fast and simple wooden boxes, I use them for my paintings. It saves me money by making them myself. You can make the boxes in any size that you want. For this instructable the box that i made was 6 x 6 x 2.125. I have also made 12 x 12 x 3.125 and 5 x 5 x 1.125. 

Step 1: Simple Plywood Box...

Using the table saw, rip down the 1/2 plywood to width of the size that you want. If you are going to make a few of them I would rip all the plywood 

Step 2: Simple Plywood Box...

Next move over to the chop saw, we are going to cut the miters on the chop saw. Set the chop saw to 45 degrees. next set up a stop block, you want each one of the cuts are the same length. If the sides of the boxes are a little off, it will not line up, when you are ready to glue and nail the corners. Keep in mind when you are using a stop block you want to hold the martial on the side of the stop. 

Step 3: Simple Plywood Box...

Next glue up. Lay out 4 piece in the order that you want them. Put masking tape on the outside of the wood, you do not want to any space between the wood. flip over the pieces of wood, add glue to the miter joints. Fold up the side, so you get a box. 

in the corners, use the finish nail gun and add two nails to each corner. 

Step 4: Simple Plywood Box...

Cutting out the 1/8 inch plywood top. Using the table saw rip down the plywood so it is abut 1/4 larger then the size of your box. To make a square out the wood, use the chop saw to cut width. 

Add a wood glue to the top of the box make sure that the glue is an even over the surface. Place the 1/8 plywood on and line the wood up so you have a little over hang. 

Clamp. (you can also the finish nail gun to attach the top) 

Step 5: Simple Plywood Box...

Router table. Set up router table with a flush trim router bit. With the box upside down, run the box around the bit. This will make the oversize top flush the sides of the box. 

there you have it a simple plywood box. 

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    7 years ago

    To make a box with a lid, just add the top same as you did the bottom (but use at least 1/4" plywood, not 1/8" which is not strong enough to support the weight if the box is holding over a pound or two when loaded). Once the glue is all dry, you can cut the top off the box using the table saw. Hinges and handles are then easily attached for a very handy box. I made several of them over the years to hold my hand-held power tools. Most of them are made entirely of 1/4" plywood with triangular pieces glued on the inside corners to add strength.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    These are nice boxes. There are simpler ways to make them. To begin with any time I need to make something from plywood, I go to Craftwood Lumber in my town. They do all the cutting per specs I give them. And they sell half and quarter sheets.
    So someone with few tools need not be discouraged. Simple can be yet simpler and be more accessible.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    cool box! what time of plywood is that and how did you paint it. i like that color


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Baltic Birch plywood, with no finish on it.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You were right, it is simple....but also elegant in it's simplicity.

    Nice Work