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Introduction: Simple Pocket Notebook

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Hello, Welcome, come in.

so you'd like to make a notebook aye? you'v come to the right place (I hope).

Before we start I wanted to give a bit of background to this project. I made my first notebook because when I have an idea or need to plan something, I prefer to scribble and write things down. I know in this day and age we have smartphones, Siri, tablets and Alexa but I find it quicker and i'm more likely to remember it when I write it down and when T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I comes and the electric is out and your need to write down you need milk, Siri wont be there for you.

This notebook came about after I was looking to buy one, but they are pretty expensive when you think about it. This notebook can be made for free or very cheaply if you buy the paper in bulk or acquire the materials for free and will fit in to your pocket to be on hand when you need it.

Anyway, lets being the journey from note bookless to note booked....

Step 1: What You Need


- knife,scissors,ruler,edge of a table - Someting to rip/cut paper

- x4 sheets of A4 plain paper

- x1 piece of coloured paper or a cool magazine cover (something a bit firmer than paper)

- x2 staples

- a long stapler

If, like me, you don't have a long stapler then a pin of some sort and a small ball of blue tack will do and Il explain the rest later.


* letter stencil

*beer,whiskey,tea,coffee something to keep you hydrated (its not that long to do but I don't wanna risk it)

*Music - something to listen to whilst you create your master piece

Step 2: The Cover

For the cover i used the front page of a magazine but I have used coloured paper, its your preference really.

first off match the corners and fold in half back and forth a few times to weaken the fold line.

once it's folded you can rip it (or cut it) in half. choose which piece your going to use and put it to one side. Use the other piece for another notebook or recycle it.

Step 3: The Pages

Take the 4 pieces of A4 and fold all like you did for the cover (top to bottom).

Rip or cut them along the fold and stack them on top of each other.

Step 4: Foldy Foldy

so now all piece are the same size, we need to make it look more like a notebook.

so fold all in half (like a book). you could do all at once or individually. I'd fold the cover separately tho.

Step 5: Lets Put It Together

put the pages in to the cover and then line them up, you may find the pages may over hang a little bit. you can move them around a little to make it a bt more even or you could trim them down but i didn't because it didn't bother me that much.

Now if you have used the long staplers (you know the ones you find in offices to staple big bits of paper) congratulations you have successfully completed your very own notebook.

However if like me, your stapler doesn't fit or you have staples but your stapler was borrowed and never returned then I have another way to staple them together.

Now this is goin to get tricky so... remember that beer I spoke of... yeah crack that open, we're gunner need it.


Step 6: No Stapler...No Worries

So here we go:

Take your staple and measure it on the fold line and make a small pencil mark.

Do this near the top and bottom of the fold.

grab you pin (or whatever hole making device you have chosen, it only needs to be small) and the small ball of blue tack.

put the note book face down open on the middle page and have the hole mark over the blue tack.

push the pin firmly through the paper and into the blue tack and repeat for all the holes.

Threat the staple through the holes so the flat back part is on the outside of the notebook.

fold the staples down so they are flush to the paper.

Step 7: Mission Completed - Woop Woop :)

There you go, we've made it, your very own notebook.

Now you can leave it as it is, or you can stencil a cool design on it or slap some stickers on. Go wild.

Well its being emotional, I hope you have enjoyed this little project and I hope you find it useful, Just remember some sort of writing implement.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time,


Andy :)

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