Introduction: Simple 'Post-It' Flower


Here is an Instructable about a paper flower made from sticky note sheets, just as Post-it (R) or something similar;

I used it as a large badge to decorate a t-shirt.

Step 1: Materials

- sticky notes

- scissors

- an empty box, made of thin cardboard.

- not necessary: felt tip pen, permanent marker, highlighter or any other type & colour marker you wish.

Step 2: The Support

With the scissors, cut out a circle from the thin cardboard of the cookies' box.

This circle will be the central support of the petals.

Step 3: Cutting the Petals

take one sticky sheet; make a straight cut from the middle of the sticky side until to the center of the sheet;

also, cut the sheet in a 'leafy' shape; this will be the first petal.

Step 4: Sticking the Petal

Stick the petal on the central cardboard, but pressing only on one half of the sticky area (see first picture).

then, stick the other half (the left one, in the picture) of the sticky area, but overlapping the 2 halves: this will give some relief to the leaf (see 3rd picture, for example); the more the overlapping, the more the leaf will raise.

Step 5: Completing the Corolla

Repeat the previous steps to make others petals in the same way, until the corolla is complete; of course, sheets don't need to be the same color.

Step 6: Completing the Flower

cut out a circle from a sticky sheet and stick it at the center of the corolla.

That's it, the flower is done.

Step 7: Bonus / Variations

A simple variation would be, for example, to decorate petals with a marker.

Or also, make some other petals of a smaller size and compose a second flower ('flower-in-the-flower'): in this case is maybe useful to give the petals some more overlapping, in order to raise these petals a little more.

And,of course, at the end you can cut in small pieces all the remaining paper to use it as carnival confetti.


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