Introduction: Simple Powerful Tesla Coil

Anyone can build this coil, if your up to the task,

Step 1: PARTS

Magnet wire 30awg 200feet
Any powerful mosfet(irfp460, irfp250, irf840,) just make sure the fet can handle more than 150v and 3amps
50ohm resistor
Some wire to wrap the primary of the coil
Jumper wire
10k potemtiometer( any potentiometer would work, just make sure it's over 900 ohms
Transformer(30v 1amp) you could go up to 60v, maybe even 80v
Full bridge rectifier
2200uf capacitor
1uf cap ( make sure it's not a electrolytic cap becuase those can't handle high freq, it would still work but it has a chance of popping)
12 to 16v Zener diodes(optional it is there to protect the mosfet)
2k resistor (optional, it is there to protect the mosfet)
Fan (optional, if it gets too hot)
12v regulator, for 12v fan
1nf cap

Step 2: Start Winding

My secondary coil is 400 turns, while my primary coil is 5 turns. If you reduce the amount of primary turns, let's say 3 turns, your coil will be much more powerful than mine, but your mosfet will heat up faster than mine, and my mosfet does heat up fairly quickly.
Winding coils do take practice so watch a couple tesla coil vids, so you can get some tips, and be a winding pro, it took me about 25 mins to wind this coil, and I did fail the first time. Make sure you tape up the coil when you start, take a break and finish, becuase it won't stay in place without any tape.
For the primary coil it doesn't matter what kind of wire your winding it with, but you will see a slight change if the wire size it too big or too small.

Step 3: Shematic/building the Circuit

This circuit is quite simple, just make sure to properly connect the gate, drain and source of the mosfet in the right place
Gate goes to drive circuitry, drain goes to one side of primary, source goes to negative. If your cicuit doesn't work doudble check connections, switch the primary around, take out the 2k resistor, 1nf cap and 1n4148 if none of that works then send me a pick of your circuit in the comments I'll help for sure.

Step 4: Transformer

There are not that many limitations to the transformer you use. Just make sure it is over 25v and can put out an amp or more. Maximum amount of current for this circuit is 4 amps at around 90v. I have went up to 85 volts with this circuit and got crazy nice arcs but if I were you I would get a 40v 1 amp transformer. Btw to buy these transformers just go on Digi-Key, jameco. Play safe with mains

Step 5: Completion

Now you are done your tesla coil, in the future I'll improve this design and maybe even put it up for sale, so stay tuned CUASE there is going to be another tesla coil comming up soon. Hopefully you made your coil like you wanted, if not leave me comments and send some pics, believe me I'll respond.