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This is an instructable of making a very simple propeller balancer for mini (or nano) drone.

A balanced prop will contribute to high peak, high performance, excellence drone’s flight.

However, there isn't any propeller balancer in the market for balancing the prop of mini drone.

That is why I make this instructable from every day items.

Step 1: Items That You'll Need


  1. A paper clamp
  2. A clothes peg
  3. A 5mm nut and bolt (luckily I've it after spending sometime searching my tools box)

Completion Time : 5 minutes

Step 2: The Base

Easy as pie

This step is to make a base structure to hold the bolt.

Firstly, I clamp together the clothes peg (taken from my wife's laundry bag... I hope she doesn't aware of the missing peg) and the paper clamp (after I rummaged my stationary drawer).

After joining the two parts together, I spread the clamp's handle so that the clamp can stand on its own on my table.

Step 3: The Prop

These few steps onward is to secure the prop for balancing.

I start by inserting the bolt into the prop's hole.


If you want to balance a nano drone's prop because it' is small, I suggest to use a pin.

Step 4: The Nut

Then, I loosely tight the bolt with the nut (make sure the nut is not too tight to the prop so that it can spin freely).

Step 5: The Balancer

Lastly, I clamp the end of the bolt to the clothes peg and then, I let it stand firmly on the surface.

Step 6: The Balancing Act

The mechanics of the prop balancer is you just have to push one of the blades to start spinning.

You can inspect by visual whether the prop is soundly spinning or wiggling.

If it wiggles slightly, you can adjust the affected blade a little. However, if it wiggles too much and beyond repair then you have to replace the prop.


If you don't want to push the prop using your finger, you can use an USB fan to assist the spinning.

You can adjust the distance of the USB fan to the balancer. The further the distance between the twos, the slowest the spinning of the prop.

*Sorry, the video is a little bit out of focus especially at the end of the shooting.


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