Introduction: Simple Prosthetic Mold Creation

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You will need:

Study Board

Plaster of Paris


Wooden tongue depressors (or something to build up your dam with, Lego bricks works great!)

Step 1: Making Your Mould

To begin with we need a nice smooth surface on our Plasticine. Any ridges or bumps will show in our final piece so its not worth rushing this point. While I'm working on the top of a plastic container - any flat surface will do.

Step 2: Building a Dam

Some simple wooden sticks sunk into the Plasticine and filling any gaps at the corners will allow us to make a nice deep mold block.

This is a self harm prosthetic for mental health scenarios - so I have cut some wounds into the Plasticine.

Step 3:

Make up the Plaster of Paris as per the instructions on the bag, and tip into the mold area. If you lift up and drop the whole piece onto a flat surface a few times (gently!), you can help the Plaster of Paris settle into the mold and not leave any bubbles. Now leave to set.

Step 4: Finished Mold!

Voila! One reusable mold!

Now you can make prosthetics from your mold using latex or silicone whenever you like.