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Introduction: Simple Pulley Elevator

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I have always had a fascination with pulleys, they were so cool! Now that I am in high school and I have learned how they work I am setting out to make a proof of thought for pulleys. a simple two-pulley block and tackle system.

A block and tackle system uses pulleys and mechanical advantage to make the load you pull lighter. However, in return, you need to pull more rope to go the same distance. Mine will half the amount of weight you pull which will be my weight plus the weight of the seat. -about 60kgs(135lbs)-

sadly I only have one pulley at home, so I need to improvise. I will be using the hub of a bike wheel.


  • 2 pulleys
  • very long rope that fits the pulleys
  • extra bits of rope

Step 1: The Design

A block and tack system is very simple, especially if you only have 2 pulleys. You need to make sure that the rope goes through both pulleys. One end will go to your hand and the other connects to the static end of the top pulley.
example in the picture. This is how we will build ours. The bike hub will probably be going on the bottom.

Step 2: Construction

By running the rope through the pulleys in this way we get the block and tackle system.
I will also be creating a seat, for simplicity's sake, I'll be using a simple wooden plank with a rope through the middle. You then take the rope and tie it to the static end of the bottom pulley.

That's how easy it is, you are done!

Step 3: Problems With the Bike Hub (skip If You Have a Real Pulley)

The bike is not meant to be a pulley so I had to fanagal it into one, I used a rope around the outer bearing to prevent the rope from slipping off. It still wobbles but it's workable.

Now you have made a simple pulley elevator you can have fun using it. It is mostly a proof of concept and needs more dedicated parts. however, it is still a fun project to create!

Step 4: Have Fun!

This fun proof of concept will be hilarious to see in action. i would love to see a real mini elevator someday.

Good Luck!

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