Introduction: Simple Raspberry Pi Cooling Fan

This is the simplest way i have found to attach a cooling fan to my raspberry pi.

All it takes is 3 zipties and 3 minutes.

It's very straigtforward, yet i hadn't seen this method anywhere else, so i thought it was worth mentionning.


- Raspberry Pi

- Heatsink

- 5V fan

- 3x ZipTies

- Pliers

Step 1: Make a Loose Loop Around Your Heatsink With One Ziptie

Don't tighten it just yet.

Step 2: Pass the Other Two Into the Fan's Screw Holes

Step 3: Pass the Fan Zipties Through the Loop

take your time, it's easier said than done ;)

Step 4: Tighten the Loop

Assistance of a pair of pliers might be needed. Don't unstick your heatsink.

Step 5: Use the Fan Zipties to Adjust the Heigth

These zipties don't need to be tigth. they should be rigid enought to keep the fan in place.

Step 6: Cut the Ziptie Excess With Pliers

Cissors work as well.

Step 7: Plug the Fan in

You can use the GND and 5V plug directly on the GPIO, fan will start when your Pi is powered.

Step 8: Optional : Silent Fan

If you want the fan to be quieter, you can power it with 3.3V directly from the GPIO.

You may need to solder new connectors, but if the noise is a concern, its works great.

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