Introduction: Simple Recipe Book Holder

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This may look difficult but in reality it is very simple and the final product gives clean modern look.

Choose your stock and then cut to the height and width you want. I was using an old rimu head board so I had to sand it first and I then cut to the height I needed on the mitre saw and then trimmed the edges up on the table saw. I then glued the and biscuit joined two the boards together, and clamped.

While the glue was drying I cut the front lower rest and predrilled the screw holes I also cut the front face for the rest from leftover jarrah I had from a previous project, which is about a 10 mm thick and and maybe 75mm width and the length is the same as the over holder.

Once the glue is dry declamp, and I then sanded smooth and took to the table to trim the edges. I trim cut one at 45 degree. this gives the holder a nice angle to hold any recipe book, magazine or recipes. I then router the edges using a round over bit... I reality it would be easier to router the edges first before cutting the 45 mitre.

With one of the off cuts I the set the mitre saw to 45 degree and cut two triangle back rest or feet to hold the unit at 45 and I predrill and counter sink the holes. We are now ready to assemble it all.

I flip the main board over so it is face down and I measure in 80mm from each side so the feet will be evenly spaced. I then glue and screw these to the main board, ensuring that they line up with 45 mitre we cut on the table saw and I wipe any excess glue.

Flip the holder over so it is now face up I glue and screw the front holder at the bottom. Because we have a 45 mitre here be careful not to use to long of screws. of plan it so that the predrilled holes line up with the feet. I didn't think that far ahead as this was all off the cuff.

Finally I simply glue the front face on to the lower rest and clamp. I let it all dry for an hour. Once dry I then cut some adhesive backed felt and cut into strips. I stick these on to the feet and base of the holder. The base I speak of should be your 45 mitre cut. I then give a final sand.

Finally I spray using lacquer. The finish product looks pretty modern but it is a very simple project to make. While I used my table saw and mitre saw you could use a circular saw and jigsaw.