Introduction: Simple Red Laser

Hi friends. Today in this instructable, I am going to show you how to make simple red laser. You must have seen that lasers require a lot of complex circuits using various types of ICs and transistors. Today, in this instructables, we are going to make a very simple laser which will cost you less. So lets start making the laser !!!

Step 1: Components Required

1.) L7806

2.) 10 ohm resistor (2)

3.) 100 ohm resistor

4.) 10k ohm resistor

5.) red laser diode

6.) Battery cap/clip

7.) 9 volt battery

8.) Dot board

Step 2: The Tools

1.) Soldering gun

2.) Soldering metal

3.) Power source

Step 3: The Circuit

Step 4: Solder the Components

If you want to make it beautiful, you can put it in a small box and decorate it.

Step 5: Testing !

Press the battery clip/cap on the battery and the laser will be on. Ensure that the laser diode do not become hot. If it is becoming hot, see that you have connected the 10k ohm resistor correctly.