Simple Room Decor!




Introduction: Simple Room Decor!

About: Hi, I'm Tori and I'll be creating room and life related instructables!

Simple things to do that can spice up your room and make it relaxing and inviting.

Step 1: Wall Quote

Cut out letters from a magazine or printed paper to make an interesting wall quote. Mine says carpe diem!

Step 2: Twinkle Lights!!

I found this strand for about $12 at ikea and then cut out small paper circles, cut an x in the middle, and put it over the light to make it look like flowers.
Great way to have a night light that looks really elegant.

Step 3: Posters!

Put up posters to make your walls less bland and happier looking!

Step 4: Book Case/shelf

I'm personally working on my collection of books, movies, and cds right now and I keep lots of other containers on my book case as well.

Step 5: Small Things!

Candles, keys, and dream catchers! There's many other things you can include and have to enjoy.

Step 6: Picture Collage

Tape pictures onto your wall in a shape.

Step 7: Lighting

Lighting it key!

Step 8: Add Any Other Little Things

It's all about you and your preferences so add or remove what you like. These are just a few examples of things I've done and I plan on adding more later on. Hope you enjoyed!!

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    11 months ago

    Nice soft kitty poster. Where did you get it?


    Reply 11 months ago

    Not sure anymore, it’s been a long time! Probably Walmart or hot topic.

    Nice group of tips! I love the twinkly lights and Wall quote combined! Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks! I just came up with the idea to combine the two last night and I loved how it came out.