Introduction: Simple SSTC OverclassPerformance

About: Young man discovering Electronics

So you want a crude SSTC without paying much or having Trouble with Circuits?

Then that is your guide, its based in the simple sstc circuit created by Keystone Science and brought to a New Level by trial and Error

You need :

100meter of 0.2mm magnet wire

2 IRFP 250n ,or 2 250n

1 power heatsink (CPU heatsink or similar for taking about 50w )

1k Potentiometer (1watt or more)

Capacitor (Metallic Film or Ceramik ) 400nf to 800nf

50ohm resistor (1watt or more)

40mm plastic drain pipe (20cm is about the coil length , get 30 or 40cm to make windig easier)

Tht board to place the Components , solder equipment and super glue

Step 1: The Circuit

Build the Circuit shown in the Schematic , ignore the coils for now.

Placing srew Terminals for the primary connection is a good idea and makes Life easier.

The Schematic shows one Mosfet , we are going to use two in Parallel for better Heat Exchange.

The Heatsink is a must have use Thermal grease, isolation from the Heatsink is not needed

Step 2:

Winding the Coil is the worst part , my suggestion is get comfy Start a good movie and start.

Let about 10,cm of wire overlapse then secure the first turn With glue

We need 1000Turns without bigger Mistakes, this can be done in about 2 hours.

If you are done place a thick layer of Clearcoat on the Coil

Step 3: Finishing It

Now bend a ring from 1mm copper wire (50mm dia) and place it around the coil , connect it to the Terminals

The bottom wire of the 1000turn coil connects to the gate of the mosfet

Now apply 20volt DC make sure the 1k Poti is all the way to the right and slowly open it ,Sparks should break out.

If not change the primary connections around .

Its best to add a topload , mine is the drive wheel from a VHS player.

If you have a Topload always place a Breakout wire otherwise you risk coil damage.

If everything is working so far we can go up to 30v DC (3amps at least)

Turn the Poti completly to the right and then open it extremly slow ,you will find a point where the circuit is interrupting it self with around 150hz .

Thats the Point you want to keep here we can get streamers up to 6cm or arcs of 10cm to grounded parts .

In this State the arcs will give you shock like tingle so be carefull !

Of course Theres not enough Power to do big harm but still

Stay Safe

Step 4:

If the Tesla isnt working for you please let me know , we find a solution :)

The Breakout is really importent .

Please note that the sparks will create ozone (o3)

Step 5:

Pictures from a 45v test

I think it can go up to 70v i will try soon

The unstreched arc gap to ground is about 8.5cm and can be streched to 10cm

Shocks from it starting to really hurt and using the earth from a outlet tripped the gfci somehow