Introduction: Simple Salsa Verde

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There are some nice salsa verde recipes here on Instructables, but mine is so simple and easy I thought I'd share it...

Step 1: The Hard Part

The hardest part of my recipe is peeling the tomatillos...and that's not hard at all. Actually, I take all that back. Washing your fingers after peeling is hardest.

Anyhow, for my recipe I peel a completely full produce bag of tomatillos and rinse them in a colander.

Step 2: The Quick Boil

Next, I boil the tomatillos in a pot of water with a peeled medium-sized onion and three medium-sized jalapeños...until the tomatillos are soft and squishy.

Step 3: Heat Control

After dumping the boiled ingredients into a colander, retrieve the jalapeños, remove their stems and cut into them to removing some or most of their seeds. the seeds on your cutting board! This will allow you to moderate the heat of your salsa by adding seeds back in slowly during the next and final step.

Step 4: Blend!

Immersion blenders are the coolest! After dumping your ingredients back into the pot, use an immersion blender to make your salsa. As mentioned in the last step, you can moderate the heat by blending your jalapeño seeds into the salsa little bits at a time. You can also blend in a little water for a smoother consistency. When you're happy, it's done! :)