Introduction: Simple Scrap Wood Hanging Pencil Holder

Here’s a quick afternoon project that can be made from a piece of scrap wood that you have lying about.

I got tired of looking for a pencil because the one I was using rolled away off the workbench in the middle of my project so I decided to make a pencil holder that would hang on the wall and not take up space on my bench.


1 piece of scrap pallet wood about 3 1/2” wide

Step 1: Prepare Your Wood

I took a piece of pallet wood that was lying in my scrap wood pile.
The one I chose was 3 1/2” wide and about 4’ long.
I planed it down from around 9/16” to 3/8” to clean up the wood, but you can make it however thin you like.
If you don’t have a planer you can clean up the wood by sanding it down.

I then cut it into 3 pieces.
(1) @ 6” (back)
(2) @ 3” (1 for front)
The second 3” piece I cut in half so that it was 3”x1 3/4” to make the 2 sides and used a hand plane to make sure they were exactly the same size.

Step 2: Glue Up the Body

Once the pieces are cut, it’s time to glue them together.
I used the tape to hold everything in place until I put the clamps in place.

Step 3: Cut and Glue the Bottom

To cut the base, I placed the pencil holder on the board and draw a line along the edge.
I cut the base a touch larger than it needed to be so that I could cut it flush.
I used tape again like in the previous step to hold it for glueing.

Step 4: Cut Flush and Sand

After the glue has dried, pull the clamps and tape off.
I then used my flush cut saw to take of the extra from the bottom and sanded all edges smooth.
If you want to, you can round off the edges and corners.
Sand all the surfaces smooth starting with 60 grit and going up to 220 grit.

Step 5: Drill the Hanging Hole

Mark a spot in the center of the back about 1” from the top.

Using a 1/4” drill bit drill through the back.

Place a backer board when drilling so there isn’t any tear out when the drill goes through the board.

Step 6: Finishing Up

If you want to, you can apply some type of a finish at this point. Your choice if you want to use a finishing paste, wood oil, or clear coat.

I just kept mine bare wood because I liked the look and didn’t care if it faded.