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Introduction: Simple Seed Bead Rings

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These tiny seed bead rings are super simple to make and can really stand out. They're great for stacking, color coordinating and are so much fun to make!

Step 1: BoM



Jewelry glue

Jewelry pliers, scissors, tweezers etc.

Beading needles (optional)

Step 2: End 1

String a bead onto one end of your stringing wire and cement it in place with glue. I have a pair of really handy jewelry clamps so I used them to hold the glued piece upright while it set.

Step 3: String

When your first bead is set, begin stringing.

Step 4: End 2

When you have enough beads on your wire to make a ring, slide end 2 into the first glued bead. Add more glue to cement the wire in place and pull both ends so that the ring is closed. Add a little more glue.

Step 5: Finish

When the glue has dried and you're confident the ends have set, remove any excess stringing material. It may take up to 24 hours for your glue to be completely set, follow the instructions for the glue you're using.

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    Question 8 months ago

    Could we use elastic beading cord instead of wire cording?