Introduction: Simple Self Playing Guitar!

Ok so I'm going to be explaining to you how to make a self playing guitar. Ive seen a few videos on youtube and other places with them that are like incredably complex and impossible for the normal person to make. So this one can easily be done in an afternoon if you have the parts. This is my first instructable so dont be to mean.

Step 1: Parts

Okay so there are not too mny parts youll need for this.

Hot glue gun
hot glue
Old guitar Neck (or peice of wood)
guitar strings
tuning pegs
screw driver

Step 2: Assembling the Guitar Portion Part 1


Okay this is the hardest part of the whole project. What you will need to do is first find an electric project guitar you are willing to take apart (dont panic if you dont have one keep reading) all you will need from it is the neck fretboard, strings, and tuning pegs. Ill post a pic of the project guitar i used. Now disasemble the neck from the guitar. There should be four screws on the back side. *first make sure youve taken off the strings. Next you are going to want to look at your 6 strings and make sure they have a little ball at the end of them. Next you will need to drill 6 holes at the bottom of the guitar neck. Like the very bottom. So 6 holes in a line at the bottom.

Step 3: Assembling the Guitar Portion Part 1

Once youve drilled the holes stick the strings through in the correct order and attach the to the tuning pegs. Next you are going to want to make a bridge. as you see in the picture i just used a long screw it wors fine. YAY you have the guitar part done!

Step 4: Typewriter

The next step is to get an electric typewriter. On each of the things that fly up when you hit a letter you need to put a small drop of hot glue. If you dont know what im talking about look at the picture.

Step 5: Final Step!

Ok now put your guitar portion on the typewriter where the things the come up when you hit the letters hit the frets. If you want you can attach the neck to the rolley thing on the back to be able to play differant strings. it makes a surprisingly lound and nice sounding noise when you hit it. With mine i took the cover of the typwriter off and took the keys off to make it look more retrofuteristic steampunkish.