Introduction: Simple Shelf

This is going to be really short instructable. Simple shoe shelf I've made only from leftovers from my previous project Bunk Bed. You could and should change the project according to your own needs.

Materials & Tools

CLS timber 63 x 38 mm

MDF 12mm

Wood screws 1 1/2"

Cordless combi drill & bits

Suitable saw

1. Cut CLS to desired lengths to make legs. I've made mine 8" for 2 long shelves and 1' for single short shelf.

2. Attach legs to individual shelves.

3. Stack shelves in desired order.

4. Secure shelves in place by screwing them to the back board.

5. At any time you can change the arrangement, add or remove shelves.

That's it.

Step 1:

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