Introduction: Simple Shower

Follow this set of instructions step by step to create a simple (and working) shower.If you like this then please vote.

Step 1:

Build a 4 by 4 space filling it with glass/glass pane.

Step 2:

Place 3 slabs and the a block going up the wall and roof (sorry this is not very clear but i hope you can see from the picture)

Step 3:

Put a wall on the back.

Step 4:

Destroy the roof block on the far side and replace it with a dispencer.Place 2 signs underneath it to the right and the put a button on the block right of the top sign.

Step 5:

Put a block beneath the button on the back the 2 blocks above it to the right.Then destroy the block leading to the dispenser.Then put red stone on all of the blocks you placed.

Step 6:

Put a bucket of water in the dispenser and click the button.If built correctly,water should come down.Click it again and the water should disappear.

Step 7:

Simply cover up the red stone and you should have a simple (working) shower.Congratulations!

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