Introduction: Simple Shrug

This is a simple easy to make shrug that can be finished in a weekend. At its heart are a granny square and an octagon with a simple border done in the round.

Step 1: Tools:

Lion Brand Yarn- worsted weight (098 Natural Heather/background color) x2
Lion Brand Yarn- Vanna's Choice ( 134 Terracotta & 174 Olive accent colors) x 1 of each
Hook J10/ 6 mm
Plastic Needle
Tape Measure
Water in a spray bottle
Straight Pins

Step 2: The Square

You will make 15 of these.

Ch4, Join with slip stitch & chain 3, 2Dc, *Ch2 3Dc(x 3), Ch2, slip stitch to first Ch3.

Round two: Ch3, 2Dc. *In chain space 2Dc Ch2 2Dc, 3Dc* repeat until you reach your first Ch3. Slip stitch.

Round three: Ch3, 4Dc. *In chain space 2Dc Ch2 2Dc, 7Dc* repeat x 3 times. 2Dc Ch2 2Dc in chain space 2Dc. When you reach your first Ch3. slip stitch.

Step 3: The Octagon

I used two accent colors here but you can customize as desired.


Begin by creating a chain 3 and joining into a loop.15Dc in circle, slip stitch to Ch3.

round 2: 1 Puff stitch in each chain. For puff stitch, Yo insert hook in stitch, Yo, draw the yarn through repeat until you have 9 loops Yo. Slip stitch to Ch3.

round 3: *1 Dc in Puff stitch, 2Dc in space.* Repeat until the end. Slip stitch and tie off.

Round 4: In background color Ch2( this counts as a 1Dc) in same chain space 1Dc. 3Dc( this makes a total of 5 Dc). *1Dc 1Ch 1Dc in chain space, 5Dc. 1Dc 1Ch 1Dc in chain space 2Dc, 2Dc in chain space to increase stitches 1Dc* repeat until end. Slip stitch

Round 5: Ch3 *6Dc, 2Dc 1Ch 2Dc in chain space*, repeat until end.slip stitch and tie off.

Step 4: Time to Piece Together the Shrug

1- I like to get an overall visual of the piece before I join it, this allows me to place every piece next to a good partner. After I have a good idea of where every piece will go I crochet my pieces together.

2- I start with the Octagon's. This gives me long strips of octagon's that are easy to handle.

3- I can then follow through with a zig zag joining the octagon to the squares.

**stitch markers are useful when piecing, use them liberally.

Step 5: Block Your Shrug

This is a very important step that will need to happen twice. After you have pieced together all your squares and after you have added your border. Both are important to the final piece, blocking is integral to the shaping of your garment.

Step 6: Border

Three rounds around your complete shrug. forming a scalloped triangle. The first round is done in the background color.


Start anywhere- In background color Ch2, 1Dc in each edge space until you have completed a round.

round 2: Switch colors,1Sc in flat tops of Octagon all the way across the edge. *2Hdc in the outer edge, 2Dc, 3Tc (in valleys), 6Dc across flat bottom of valley.* repeat.

Round 3: Hdc all around, slip stitch two stitches together in the top of Tc, keep working until completed a round, tie off.

I know this part is a little vague but you are mostly trying to give the garment a finished look by adding an edge. As a matter of fact you could use the same color.


Pin and block for final shaping.

Step 7: Forming Shrug

Fold your shrug so that you form two smaller triangles on the sides for the arms. notice the measurements in the pictures. The top half of the shrug, the part that lays over the chest should be approx. 9 inches from fold the shoulder to the red stitch marker. You will then crochet the 4 inches that follow. You're done!

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