Introduction: Simple Skateboard

This is what a skateboard looks like.

Step 1: The Board


board is 110cm long, 25cm wide and 8mm high.

Step 2: The Board Head


board head is 20cm long, with an included angle of 30 ° with the horizontal, and is the same board with the board body.

Step 3: ​Wheel


diameter 6cm, bearing diameter 3cm

Step 4: Wheel Spacing


distance between wheels is 18cm, and the wheel shaft is fixed by two rings.

The material has strong toughness and high hardness.

Step 5: Fixing Screw


device under the bearing rod

Five screw fixing devices,

Step 6: Auxiliary Plate


height of the auxiliary plate is 5mm, which can increase the distance between the wheel and the body.

As well as the roof body and wheels