Introduction: Simple Skateboard

This skateboard is made of simple elements, which are cheap and easy to see on taobao. During the manufacturing process, making wheels is difficult and takes some time. But the overall difficulty is still relatively low.

Step 1: Build Skateboard Surface

Step 1: In the shape generator, select two cubes to adjust to 45 * 20 * 1 and 5 * 20 * 1, and adjust to black.

Step 2: select the dome to rotate 90 degrees, adjust the radius to 10 and the thickness to 1, copy the semicircle and rotate it.

Step 3: [single tilt]: rotate the right half of the assembly vertically by 17 °

Step 4: 1. simple decoration: select two cubes in the shape generator and adjust them to 45 * 4.5 * 1.2, gray.

2. Select text and number, enter maker, set to yellow.

Step 2: The Making of Wheels


1. Select a ring, which is set in the shape of a hollow wheel, with a length of 3 and a diameter of 5. In the shape generator, select two multipoint cylinders, 4 in length and 3 in diameter. Assemble the wheel. Copy and paste. Rotation. The middle is connected by a cylinder with a diameter of 2 and a length of 10.

2. In the shape generator, select a meta capsule with a length of 3.7, a width of 2.5 and a height of 1.

3. In the shape generator, select an original capsule with a length of 3.7 and a width of 2.5, on which are placed a cylinder with a length of 2.3 and a diameter of 2, which is connected with the long cylinder of the wheel.

4. Set the rectangle height as 0.5, width as 2, and length as 3. Four columns 0.7 in height and 0.2 in diameter.

Step 3: Assemble It

1. copy the wheel and assemble it

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