Introduction: Simple Sleek Tofu Press

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This tofu press is easy to make, works well and looks great.

Why press tofu?

  • removes water and makes it so that the tofu can absorb more flavor
  • it improves texture
  • holds its shape better
  • and fries more crisply

The only thing you'll need to buy (or scavenge) is a cutting board and two clamps.


  • cutting board (preferably wood)
  • 2 very small trigger clamps
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • bandsaw (or really any kind of saw)
  • drill press
  • glue
  • cutting board oil (or mineral oil)

Step 1: Cut

First, cut your board into two equal sized rectangles. I made mine each 5.25" x 6.5". You want them to be larger than your tofu.

Then, cut the handle (or remaining board) into four pieces of equal height. These will be used as legs.

*Tip: Cover the wood and/or surfaces with paper so that gunk from your tools doesn't get onto the wood. You will be putting food on this.

Step 2: Drill

Use your pencil to mark a grid of dots onto ONE of your rectangles, and drill. I used a #7 (.201") drill bit, but it can really be any size.

*Tip: Make the grid larger than the size of the tofu.

The water will drain through the holes.

Step 3: Glue

Take the four legs and glue them to the bottom of the base (the rectangle with holes in it).

Let dry.

Step 4: Oil

Clean, let dry, then coat in your favorite cutting board oil or mineral oil. Leave on for 24 hours or so.

This will keep it from absorbing water and from drying or cracking.

Now you are ready to throw on a slab of tofu and clamp it!