Introduction: Ok



I needed a couple things for this project and I had everything in my house!
-A couple pieces of rope
- A Saw
-Needle and thread
-Spray Paint
And I think that's about it!
Always remember safety first so have some goggles, gloves, and long sleeves!

Step 2: Cutting the Wood!

I have a lot of wood in my shed and I decided to use a long piece, about 6 feet in length, and 1 foot in width.
I cut it into 4 pieces and left 1 for a mod later on if I wanted to add a back piece.
I put it on a clamp and measured 1.5 feett in each piece. Then I marked it with a line.
With the help of my uncle I sawed each piece down!
I filed and sanded the sides down cause getting splinters isn't fun. ;-;

Step 3: Nailing!

I nailed one piece to the other.
I put 3 nails in 2 of the sides.
And I made sure the top was not in between the two pieces and I nailed it in there.
This was the hardest part for me!

Step 4: The Smile!

If you wanted to add the smiley face like me you will need a smaller piece of wood!
I'm not sure how big the piece of wood was so I just went with my instincts.
I cut two pieces of equal length and then a smaller piece for the eyes.
I cut the piece for the eyes into two halves.
As for the other two pieces, I nailed them to the main piece making the smile!
I drilled 5 holes 2 for the eyes, 2 for the mouth, and 1 for a LED!
I cut a couple pieces of rope, 2 pairs in the same length and tied all of the on the top.
Then I put each one of them through the holes.
Taping the eyes is a better option because drilling may cause the wood to split.
But for the smile, I drilled two holes in each of the sides,put each piece of rope into the holes and tied them.
And that is it for the smiley face if you want it!

Step 5: Painting!

I used regular spray paint for pizaaaz.
I prefered burgundy as my color and I went on!
Spraying in a swaying motion and made sure not so get any on me.
I went to a junkyard to do this but you can just lay down some newspaper and spray!
While it dried I went to stitch up a cushion!

Step 6: Sewing!

I think it maybe better if you added a cushion so you don't hurt your bottom!
I just took a piece of fabric my mom had lying around and cut it in one piece and folded it in half.
I sewed 2 sides, flipped it inside out, and then added some of the left over fabric inside.
I then sewed the last part and voila!
It was done! I added it on top! And may I just say it was very comfy. I put it infront of my bed.
I added a little LED circuit to it, which made the color of the LED underneath change while plugged into my computer's USB!
Even though it looks a bit tawdry I still like it!

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