Introduction: Simple Spiral Hanging Decoration

These decorations look absolutely stunning and are perfect for parties, weddings or home decor. They look complex, and like spirals as they spin around showing their different aspects, but they are actually super-easy and quick to make! You can make these in any paper you like, to suit a colour scheme or theme. I have given measurements for on size but you can scale larger or smaller as required - I have provided templates so that you can easily scale them.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Equipment

This is a simple project that needs very little. The only material is paper of your choice that measures 8 x 8 inches (I chose metallic silver which looks fantastic, though the photography doesn't do it justice!). If your paper is over 8 x 8 you will need to cut it to size before you start. You will also need something to hang the decoration from once finished.

You will also need a knife and ruler, a cutting mat (one with grid measurements will make everything a lot easier), and a pencil. That is it!

Step 2: Add Markings

The first thing you will need to do is add some markings. You need to make these as faint as you can, or erase them after cutting. Mark a line straight down the diagonal from one corner to the other. On the other diagonal, mark diagonal lines half an inch from the corner so that there is a strip running diagonally across the paper. Please see the diagram for help where to place the lines. The diagram is to scale, so feel free to download it, or print it out to use as a template!

Step 3: Cut Lines

The next step is to cut lines - this is more difficult to explain in words than to cut! Cut between the diagonal lines, parallel to the edge of the sheet, 1/2 in from the edge then every 1/2 inch for six lines. This will create squares, every half inch, that are cut out everywhere but across the diagonal band.

Please see the diagram for clear explanation of where the cut lines need to go. This diagram is to scale so feel free to print off and use as a template. You can enlarge or reduce it if you are creating a decoration of a different size. Or, you can do as I did, and use measurements on a cutting board to determine their placement by sight.

Step 4: Bend the Flaps Around

Once you have done this, you will end up with flaps either side of the diagonal band. Take the two innermost flaps and bend them over so that they overlap slightly. Glue together securely.

Skip the next set of flaps, but bend the third concentric pair over in the same way, again gluing together where they overlap. Then skip one more set and repeat with the final concentric pair.

Step 5: Turn Over and Repeat

Once you have done that, turn over and then repeat, folding the remaining sets of flaps so that they face the opposite direction to the ones you have just done. Once you have glued them all into place, your decoration is complete!

All you need to do now is hang it by some stringing material. You can punch a hole and thread it through, or do as I did and stitch it into the paper to ensure that it is secure. These look especially great in quantity! I hope you like them :-)

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