Introduction: Simple Star Jar

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A super simple star jar made out of regular household items!

You will need:

  • Mason Jar (or similar)
  • A slightly smaller round bottle that fits inside the opening of the mason jar
  • Aluminium foil
  • Skewer (Bamboo Stick, Grill Stick...)

  • Scissors

  • Electronic tea light or similar (as long as it is electronic and not warm!)

Step 1: Watch This Video! :)

This is a video I made for this project.

Step 2: Start Of

Start of by taking your bottle and measure out how much foil you will need to cover it (around the bottle), and add some extra. Then using your scissors cut of the foil straight. Measure out by using the mason jar, the bottom and the hight of the inside and mark thous places on the foil. Fold along the bottom and top to make some sharp lines.

Step 3: Poke a Hole!

Use your skewer and poke holes between the lines you just made. You can go scientific and poke the holes to create star formations that appears in real life, or just go wild and crazy as I did!

Cut stripes almost up to the fold for the bottom line, theses stripes will be folded later as a bottom of your cylinder to prevent light to be shown at the wrong place.

But of the excess material on the top. But leave 1 cm of material to fold the top of your cylinder so it gets stronger.

Then use your bottle and re-role the foil. Fold the bottom and place the cylinder without the bottle in to the mason jar.

Step 4: Make a Lid

Just fold some scrap foil into a large enough plate and place it on top of the mason jar. Then close the lid and open it again. This will leave you with some marks where you need to fold the foil. When the lid fits perfectly on top of your aluminium foil tube your done!

place a electronic tea light or two inside of the foil tube and watch your stars shimmer. But make sure you only use electronic lights!! Elses you nead to have a heat safe glas jar and let the lid be open! :)

Step 5: Results

Watch this video to see some result shoots in the beginning of the video tutorial! :)

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Step 6: Some More Result Pictures

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