Introduction: Simple Steam Engine

In this instruction, I will explain to you how to creat simple steam engine.

Step 1: Valve Gear

At first, you need to make valve gear. I made it out of wood but it should be enough heavy.

Step 2: Valve Gear

Flywheel's diameter should be same to lenght of a piston in engine.

Step 3: Valve Gear

Last part of valve gear are two sticks that spin around their connection.

Step 4: Trunk of Engine​

From brass pipe you need to cut four rings and make from them six details which are shown on second image. Details in form of Г probably will be needed in step 9.

Step 5: Trunk of Engine

To attach engine to some thing in future you need put on the trunk a cork bung.

Step 6: Trunk of Engine

To fix cork bung on the trunk you need cut two circle from a can and two details from step 4.

Step 7: Piston

For piston you need one solid metal stick and plastic circles. In one circle you to make a hole and in other a hollow. Than you need to smash one end of the stick and glue plastic circles on it, how is shown on second image. After you need to glue circle from a skin to make it hermetic inside of the trunk. Also you need to know size of piston for future step.

Step 8: Soldering

On this step you need to cut one circle from a can, like in step 6, but now with diameter of the trunk.To connect details together firstly you need cover them with a solder.

Step 9: Soldering

I recommend to put piston inside of the trunk before soldering. Also because metal ring soldered with the trunk we do not need details from step 4.

Step 10: Loops

You also need to add two loops on sides of the trunk to tie a rubber rope to them. The rubber rope will return piston back after steam pushed it out.

Step 11: Connection Between the Valve Gear and the Piston

You can connect piston to the stick from the valve gear in you own way it need also two loops.

Step 12: Rubbers and Steam

Now you need to drill a hole for steam release, using measurements from step 7. I used a balloon to find how hermetic is the engine. Than you need tie rubbers to loops.

Step 13: Steam Engine Is Ready!

I used pencil to push the piston and test the steam engine.

Thanks for reading my instruction and good luck in the work.