Introduction: Simple Step Stool - Off the Cuff

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Simple off the cuff Step Stool

Making a step stool is like this is really easy, if you have the nice size wood you can do it with four pieces. Otherwise simply glue up. It can be as rustic or modern as you want, or made from MDF or ply. Realistically the hardest part of this build was deciding what to make it out of. I choose to make the top to have a strip of Jarrah to give it a bit of accent and to give them a modern look.

So first I cut the Jarrah down on the table saw and then the pine and glued and clamped them. While this was drying I then cut the legs and middle support. The legs I measured up and cut out on the band saw, to help with the modern look we are going after. I sand all the pieces and take off all the sharp edges.

The then proceed to drill the pocket holes required and glue and screw the middle support between the set of legs.

I take the glued up panel out of the clamps and use a chisel to and scrape the main glue squeeze out bubbles off being careful not to dig the chisel into the wood.

I then use the the cross cut sled on the table saw to square both ends of the panel, followed by rounding over all edges with a 9.5 mm round over bit. In the video you will see the bearing flew apart and I had to do so repairs where the bit dug in and I had to go and buy a new router bit (and not a cheap on either :-/ ), but it all worked out in the end.

I proceed with the sanding process and I hate sanding. I will admit this took a bit, and we all hate sanding, but if you take your time then the final result will show it.

Once sanding was finished I glued and pocket screwed the panel to the leg assembly getting as centered and straight as possible. Wiping away glue squeeze out and doing a final sand I spray with shellac.

A very simple step stool yet with the accent it it makes it look a bit more up market.