Simple Stilts




Introduction: Simple Stilts

"I Made it at TechShop"

Just some simple stilts that I made in Tech Shop one morning. I figure it would be a good way to get some more experience with the wood working tools.

Materials List
2 x 2x2 Piece of Wood
4 x Metal Caps (Found mine at home depot after asking)
16 x Short screws for the caps (May be overkill)
4 x 3" Bolts for the footings
1 x Scrap 2x4 Piece of wood

Step 1: Measure Once Cut Twice

You have to be sure to measure twice and cut once, your measurements don't have to match mine as long as the left and right foot pegs line up correctly. I measured where I wanted the pegs to be and then drilled pilot holes for the bolts.

Step 2: Miter Saw

Take the 2x4 and cut out two footings, I used a 45degree angle and left a few inches above.

Step 3: Drill Press

Next drill the pilot holes for the bolts that will go into the pegs. This works with the drill press or the handheld drill.

Step 4: Screw

Attach the pegs and the stilts together with the 3" screws.

Step 5: Sand

Sand them down a bit, you don't want to get any splinters.

Step 6: Finished Product

This is the final product I came up with after some testing. I realized the soft wood was getting eaten up the cement so I put on the metal footings.

Stay Tuned, I plan to make another set and work on revising my design for less waste and make them easier to use.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job. I tried making these last week with two inch PVC piping. Your's is a lot better...

    Nice. I have been thinking of making these for my two boys for a while now.
    One suggestion: change the name of your first step... A little misleading.
    Have a great day, and keep up the good work.