Introduction: Quick Easy - Strawberry Mousse

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Desert: Strawberry Mousse LEVEL: 1 Inspiration: Manga (comic) "Delicious"

TR memo: hey everyone, this desert tutorial is very simple to make and fast :) We get this recipe originally from one of our favorite MANGA called "delucious" We hope you enjoy making it :)

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Step 1: +Ingredients+

- mixing bowl
- wisk
- measuring cup
- Fork / Spoon / ice
- cream scoop
- 2 glass ( 2 containers)

- 100 g Strawberries (add 2/4 for decorations)
- 100 cc Heavy Cream
- 3tbs Soft sugar (or half of a shot glass)
- 1 tbs Vanilla Essence

*Tips* - this mousse taste depends on the strawberries you choose & The Quality of the cream .
For Strawberry We prefer you use big strawberries :)
For the cream 30% Milk

Step 2: Strawberry

1. Wash the strawberries and peel out all the leaf.
2. Put the 100g strawberries into the mixing bowl.
3. Smash the strawberries using fork or a spoon or Ice scream scoop.
4. When its done, add the 3tbs Sugar and vanilla essence.

Step 3: Cream

5. Measure the Heavy cream 100cc
6. Mix the heavy cream using whisk until it look nice and smooth and solid.

Step 4: Mixing

7. Mix the strawberry mixture and the cream together.

Step 5: Cooling & Decoration

8. Grab your containers and pour in the mixture.
9. Cool it in the fridge for 20 minutes or more.
10. Use the whipped cream to add extra flavours :)

And done! :)