Introduction: Simple Street Lamp With Paper

Simple street lamp with page & some electronic components

I used for night lamp, also can use decorate your home or anywhere you want

Power by 5v usb cable

Detail all steps, you can watch video

Step 1: The Road

You need A4 paper high thickness with black paint for make ground

(paper high thickness use only for make ground)

Road Lines, make paper pieces with size

1.5 x 3cm (x5)

0.7 x 2cm (x3)

apply to ground by double sided tape or glue

Materials :

- A4 paper high thickness

- A4 paper normal

- Black paint & Paintbrush

- Double sided tape

- Paper Glue

Step 2: Street Light

This step for make street light, with frame is paper and light by led 1w

single core copper wire is important for stable frame

Materials :

- Led chip 1W

- single core copper wire (copper diameter 0.6mm)

- 33 ohm Resistor

- Heatshrink Tube

resistor for limit current and heat of led, also change brightness

1 ohm is best for max brightness

Step 3: Traffic Light

Next for make traffic light, i use led 3mm (red, green, yellow)

frame still by paper

Materials :
- Led 3mm (red, green, yellow)

- normal copper wire

- 10k Resistor (x2)

- 20k Resistor

- Heatshrink Tube

- Prototype board

Step 4: Assembly

Put street light & traffic light at position you want, make holes on road for wire can through

And use tape, glue make stable position for light and wire

Then solder for group wire (+ -) of street light & traffic light

USB cable cut wire green and white, use only red (+) and black (-)

Solder again for group all wire, don't forget add other A4 paper for cover and protect wire

Step 5: Complete & Test

Power with 5V from adapter or USB port of desktop, laptop, powerbank

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