Introduction: Simple & Stunning Fruit Salad

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This fruit salad is Simple because it only requires two ingredients!
It is Stunning because whoever you make it for will be impressed!

My dear old friend Hank taught me how to make this unbelievably delicious fruit salad in 2009. Hank loved life more than anyone I've ever known and he also loved to cook - when making anything he would put his heart and soul into it. Maybe that is why this simple little fruit salad is so incredibly fresh and people love it so much. Hank passed away in 2011 after having triple bypass surgery. I've been meaning to share this simple Instructable for a while now - so I really hope you enjoy it!

This is the type of dish to take to a family get together - you'll be surprised how many comments and compliments you will get. It is so different from the normal boring fruit salads!

  • A couple apples
  • A couple of oranges (I prefer to use Cara Cara oranges - love their flavor)
  • Peeler & Grater
  • Knife and Cutting Board
Use the peeler to take the skin off of the apples. Then cut the apples into small chunks and place in a bowl. Take the orange and wash it. Then take the grater and place it over the bowl - then grate the orange to produce orange zest. Try to do this with small grating movements as you don't want long strings of zest - just little pieces. The zest smells amazing and gives the apples and anything it touches, an incredible flavor. I grate about 1/2 a tablespoon to 1 tablespoon of zest and mix it around with a spoon.

Cut the top and bottom off of the orange. Then slice the sides of the orange off. Then carefully cut the chunks of orange out from between the "skin" and put it into the bowl. Continue until you've cut all the pieces out. Then, take all of the peels (which still have orange attached) and squeeze that juice into the bowl. That is it - you're done!

My sweet friend Hank would also take a tiny pinch of nutmeg and put it in the bowl as well. That is optional. Also, this fruit salad will last even several days in the fridge without discoloration - due to the oranges and the juice on the apples. The flavor only intensifies.

Enjoy! This is the most refreshing, healthy, simple and stunning little fruit salad!