Introduction: Simple Sugru Robot Wheel

This tutorial will show you how to create simple robot wheels out of Sugru and the accessories that come with many servo motors such as the SpringRC SM-S4303R Continuous Rotation Servo.

Submitted by SYN Shop for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

Step 1: Materials

You just need the round hub from the servo motor and a packet of Sugru for each hub.

Step 2:

Ball up the sugru and roll it out - just like you would with play-doh.

Step 3:

Flatten the the roll out so it will fit around the hub evenly.

Step 4:

Roll the flattened strip around the hub and roll it back and forth on the table several times to ensure that it is flat and even. Keep working at it with your fingers until the desired level of flatness is achieved.

Step 5:

Hubcaps are optional! Now just wait 30 minutes for the sugru to dry, Done!