Simple Summer Bliss Skirt



Introduction: Simple Summer Bliss Skirt

Hello my name is Tony Vo. I am from Los Angeles. Here I'll show you how to simply sew a summer dress skirt.
Step 1: Choose your favorite textile fabric. Remember to keep in mind that we are about to enter the summer trend.
Step 2: Measure out the desirable length of the skirt from the hips to the desirable knee length.
Step 3: When you are about to cut the fabric make sure it is double in length of your actual waist size. Ex: if your hips are 30'' all around, cut the fabric so that you have 60'' inches worth of fabric in length. You'll see why.
Step 4: Take your elastic band and measure your hips for example hips size is 30''. Remember to take in consideration that you are using an elastic band, so therefore you need to take about 3 inches off your normal hip size for the elastic band. This will put the elastic in full effect.
Step 5: Now it's time for SEWING! When you sew the elastic band onto the fabric remember to fold the fabric along the way so that you get a clean look. Also, while you are sewing the elastic band on the fabric, pull the elastic while you are sewing so that the starting end of the elastic band reaches the end of the fabric with the end of the elastic. (This will gather up all the fabric and bunch it all up into one elastic band.)
Step 6: To finish everything off, fold the skirt in half and sew your way down so that you close up the skirt. Also, remember to clean the bottom of the skirt by folding the fabric and doing a two stitch closure.

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