Simple Sun Visor

Introduction: Simple Sun Visor

This is a simple sun visor. It can be made from craft foam, cardboard, paper, or other materials. It clips on the earpieces of glasses or sunglasses. Many people with vision loss find that bright overhead sunlight hurts their eyes. This visor augments traditional sunglasses and packs very lightly.

I made the mistake one day of getting sunscreen in my eyes. This made me very light-sensitive for the rest of the day. I made one of these out of some scrap cardboard I found, and it certainly helped.

1/8" thick craft foam, cardboard, paper, or similar materials
hole punch

Step 1:

Draw the visor shape on a piece of craft foam (or cardboard).

Cut out the shape.

Step 2: Earpiece Holes

Use the hole punch to make holes for the earpieces. 

Or use scissors, as shown in the photo.... or a knife, or teeth.....

Step 3: Insert Onto Glasses

Insert the earpieces of the glasses into the earpiece holes BACKWARDS.   Slide the visor all the way down the earpieces.  Flip the visor over.  The resulting tension will cause the visor to bow upwards.

It is now ready to wear!

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    1 year ago

    thank you for this. Due to brain damage I am very very sensitive to light among other things. Cant wait to try this


    2 years ago on Step 2

    after having to verfiy and sign up tand all the hops to jump thorugh- the visor does not even have an actual pattens?