Introduction: Simple Supernova Painting (no Painting Skills Required!)

Hi guys! This is my first ever Instructable and i'm so excited for this! Being in quarantine is really boring, for anyone, and I've even picked up a few new skills, so I decide painting shouldn't be so hard. I'm not a painter, by anyone's standards. I've never even thought of picking up a paintbrush before this, so I decided to do something simple. The results came out much better than I expected.

The two techniques I used were splatter, for a finishing touch, and gradient, for the supernova. I also found that the materials I needed were items you can definitely find around the house. You don't need a expensive paintbrush either, just one round tip and one flat tip should do. I used paintbrushes I got for less than two dollars. For the paint, acrylic will give you the best results, especially if you are using block paper. Watercolor tends to make the paper very soggy.

As a side note, if you think some of the images look a bit weird, and not similar to the previous one, this is because i did two paintings as some of the pictures I took for the first one got deleted. I used the same method, so it's all the same.

The only skills you need for this artwork is some patience. You will have a beautiful supernova to frame up at the end of this tutorial. Lets get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Ok, so supplies. As I mentioned before, the supplies needed are the bare minimum. If you have glitter and you wanna use it, go ahead! It would make the painting look lots better.

  • Paintbrush (min. 1 flat and 1 round)
  • Palette (optional)
  • Newspaper (optional, but helps to make sure things dont get messy!)
  • Acrylic Paint (I used teal, blue, light blue, black and white)
  • Pencil (optional, for tracing if you really need it)
  • Block paper (Any size, I used A4, but you can use A3 if you want a bigger painting)

Step 2: The Background

For this painting, you will need a black background. If you have black paper, then that's perfect, because it makes everything so much easier. If you don't, that's okay, because painting it black doesn't take a long time, especially if you are using A4 sized paper. Make sure you paint the whole paper black, because it makes the painting look better. Try not to leave any white spots, however small they are. I checked for white spots by holding it up in the light vertically.

Another thing I did was tracing. Quite honestly it didn't make much of a difference, but it helped me see the center of the supernova. You don't need to trace but if you do, make sure it is small, and is covered by your paint later. You can see the trace in the second picture.

Step 3: The White Centre

I don't have a perfect picture of this, but this is generally what it looks like. You will start layering on your other colors after that. Make sure that the color right after the white in the center is mixed with a lot of white. It needs to look as whitish as possible. Also, make sure your center doesn't become too big, or it will look a bit weird.

Step 4: Mixing the Blue and Teal

This is a important step. You need to get the color just right to make it look good. As you can see from the picture, I didn't do it correctly, so the colors look very separated. I managed to fix it later, by blending the colors, and changing it. My tip is to make the color very similar to previous one, then spread it a bit to make it look more gradual.

Step 5: The Darker Colors

The final colors are usually just the original color, mixed with a bit of black I f you enlarge the picture, you will see the last blue, which is camouflaged in the black. It gives it the finishing touch you need.

After that, I painted a few stripes coming from the center. This is just optional, to make it look nicer, but if you like it just the way it is, you don't need the stripes.

Step 6: Stars

This is the easiest and most fun part of this painting. All you have to do is wet a brush, add some white paint, and lightly tap it on you wrist. (Not the brush tip, mind you.)

With this, you are done with your painting. It was easy, wasn't it? But it looks amazing, and you can frame it and place on your wall. Don't forget to sign it, to show everyone that you are a budding artist! See you next time!

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