Simple Tablet Stand

Introduction: Simple Tablet Stand

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Tablet Stand

This is a very simple project. I needed a stand for my tablet as I use it to watch videos while in bed, and use it on my computer desk to help me with my music creation and writing. I first used CorelDraw to design my template. but you don't have to design it as I have the template available to download from my website for free.

Finding some scrape wood I had laying about my shop, and it so happen to be some ply wood.You will need two pieces that are big enough. I use blue painters tape and tape over the area the template will be stuck to. This is to help remove the template with out any residue. I use spray adhesive and stick the template to the to the ply.

I then cut out the shape using my band saw. Now if you do not have a band saw you could cut this simple design out with a jigsaw, scroll saw or even use a copping saw...

Once cut out I proceed to sand the design to its final shape as well as sanding any sharp edges. I use an awl to mark the holes to be drilled and take the piece over to the drill press and drill the three holes. You can use a hand drill if you don't have a drill press.

I take the template off by peeling the painters tape away and this leaves a clean surface and ready for a finish sand which I use a hand sander. making sure there edges are rounded over a little.

I then cut three pieces of 10mm dowel at about 150mm long and glue the stand together. once dry another quick sand to sand the dowel flush and a quick spray of Lacquer and done.

The stand can be used as I use it I use my tablet for watching movies at night in bed (while other half watches the TV) as well as a clock and alarm. I also use it for a on my computer desk to help me with my music.

It would be good for cooking to hold the tablet and recipes, or for what ever else you use your tablet for.


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