Introduction: Simple Tape Storage

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In our DT department, we are always losing rolls of tape, or the students are spending too long trying to find the right kind of tape that they need for their projects.

a while ago i found this simple hook 3D file on Thingyverse (Credit to user Erikjuh) and i printed a few to use for keeping the shared USB stick in one place and also the keys for our hallway displays.

i have been printing quite a few of these hooks over time as they print fast and it's a great way to show the students how a 3D printer works.

i decided to see if there was a way to use these hooks in a way to store our tape that was easy for everyone to understand.


3D Printer


5.5mm drill bit (type depending on where you are installing them)


small 3.5mm screws

Step 1: Downloading and Printing the Hooks

I used 3 hooks as we use 3 different types of tape;


Masking Tape

Double Sided Sellotape.

I downloaded the file from Thingyverse, you can look on there to find a suitable one for you, or design your own.

I then used the software for our printer to create a file to send and printed them.

Step 2: Installing Hooks and Writing Labels

Using my drill i drilled 3 holes and installed the hooks, then using masking tape i wrote a label under each hook.

Now we have a simple storage system for the rolls of tape and when one is finished, i will put a new roll up onto the right hook.

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