Introduction: Simple Tasty Lemon Curd

Make fabulous tasty lemon curd with just lemons, eggs and suggar.
Original recepie - Frida Freeman lemon curd.

Step 1: Ingredients

2 Eggs
2 Lemons
8 Oz (225 grams) Sugar

Those are the basic ingredients, in this instructable I used x4 multiplier (8 eggs, 8 lemons, ...) because I had a ton of lemons and I wanted to give all my friends a lot of curd.

Step 2: Grating the Lemons

Grate the lemons

Step 3: Squeeze the Juice

Squeeze the juice out of the grated lemons

Step 4: Throw It All in a Pan

Take all the ingredients and throw them in a pan. Beat the eggs first (yellow and white together).

Step 5: Stir on Lowest Fire

Start stirring everything together without fire at first.
Then put it on the lowest fire possible and keep stirring until it turns thick.
Never stop stirring - it might take an hour and a half too.
If you stop stirring it might burn or pieces of omelette might start to appear...

Step 6: When Is It Ready ?

While stirring you can bring the fire up a little (still using the smallest gas ring in the oven) for a few minutes and then bring it back down to lowest flame.
You will feel the liquid starting to get thick.

You will start seeing a thin layer of small white bubbles on the surface when it's ready.
Also, after it thickens, try to taste the layer that forms around the edges of the pan - that is the thickest part - that should give you an idea how it should taste in the end.

Step 7: Pour Into Jars and Put in the Fridge

After it's done, close the fire and let it settle in the pan for a few minutes so it cools off a little.
Pour it into jars - let it cool off and put in the fridge.
After its cold - spread on bread and eat - yummy !!!!