Introduction: Simple Throwing Knife

I'm sure I'm not the only one who after watching "The Expendables 2" movie felt a undeniable urge to have a throwing knife to mess around with! The movie having boosted my violent tendencies I proceeded to make myself a basic throwing knife.
(No, I did not magically turn myself into a knife, I meant that I built/machined/crafted one :P)

The knife has a pointed end, but no blade. So its pretty safe to throw even for Newbs (Me). I think I used mild steel to make it, though I'm not gonna bet my life on that.

I have a lot of spare time on my hands so after I made the knife I decided to make a sheath, just for the fun of it! . Anyway here's what became of my urge, it's not pretty, but it works really well.

When I make another I'll post a instructional Instructable, in mean time here's a good website! (I will definately be making another, the first is so awesome! :D)

Thanks for reading (If you even read all of that -.-)
Comment, Rate, Subscribe and Happy birthday! :D