Introduction: Simple Tool Bag

I've called it a man purse. A friend called it a lesbian tool belt. All in all it's handy way of keeping small hand tools at the ready where ever you may go. I made one a while ago and I really like it, and wanted to make an Instructable for it so I made one for a friend. It took me two hours to do this, but you may not have to rip out a seam or get easily distracted so you might be able to do this in a half hour. 

Things you need:

Apron (this one cost $4, I'm sure you can find them cheaper. And I didn't want one from a popular hardwear place, but didn't want it plain ether.)

Tools that you want to carry around, of coarse or else you wouldn't be reading this



Sewing machine/ needle and thread

Your mom (Mine already showed me how to sew, so I'm good on that one)

Maybe a seam ripper

Step 1: Planning

It's just as easy as sticking the tool in and pinning it it place. I like a tight fit around the tool and the pins really help get a feel of that. When you have it pinned pull the tool in and out to make sure it works for you. I changed the tool order a couple of times and I like stacking the pliers. In this one it's two needle noses and on the first one I've got a flat and needle nose stacked.

The layout didn't work out with the already sewn part so I ended up ripping that out. Which helped with the layout.

Step 2: Sew You Want a Tool Bag?

I sort of know how to sew and I learned the hard way that the pins go PERPENDICULAR to the way your sewing. Or you'll hit a pin and  burn up the motor on the machine. Learn from my mistakes if you didn't already know that. So switch the directions of your pins. (This part dedicated to my mom and moms everywhere.)

I use the pencil to give me a better idea of where to sew, sense some of my lines aren't strait. Like for the adjustable wrench.

Step 3: Feel the Accomplishment.

Now you have a handy dandy tool bag that's easy to carry with you to help assemble the stuff from Ikea or your tricycle for Christmas. Make one for your random tools like I have or for your combination wrenches. Maybe you have prized marker set... I don't know. This is just a guide, let your imagination play with what your needs are.

If I make another one with hammer loops, I'm going to have it on the outside of the roll. It seems like that would be a better place for it.

Step 4: I Got Some New Tools!

My dad wanted his tools back so I had to go buy my own. Now I have a few more than I did before. Rather than making a roll bag from scratch I looked around to see if I could modify anything to be like what I had before. And because I don't throw anything out I saw that I had some double knee Carharts which fit the bill. I grabbed my seem ripper to attack one side, then asked my mom to change the thread on her sewing machine and went to town.
Next thing I might do is water proof with wax the back side of it.

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