Introduction: Simple Toy Truck

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Simple toy truck that can be made with limited tools. Though I used a band saw and table saw etc you could easily make this with a circular saw and jigsaw.

You will need a piece of 2x4, various size dowel rod, either ply or MDF for the wheels and MDF to widen the trailer. Now you could use any material you have about your shop as this is all I had laying around. I also recommend going to the craft store and buying the wheels.

The the 2x4 I cut a piece off for the cab, and draw the rough shape I want to use. I then cut on the band saw but could easily be done with a jigsaw. With the off cut from this piece I use for the sleep compartment behind the cab. I trim it more to fit and round the corners and glue it behind the cab.

With the remainder of the 2x4 we make the trailer, and I glue 2 bits of MDF, 1 either side, to widen it a little.

I use ply wood for the wheels, but to be honest i would go to the craft store and buy some pre-made wheels and the use dowel as a axle. If I had to make this again this is what I would do.

I rip a larger piece of dowel down the middle on the band saw you could do this with a scroll saw or even a copping saw. I glue each half one to each side of the cab between the wheels as fuel tanks.

I use 12mm dowel as the smoke stacks, I sand a flat spot on the disc sander so they can be glued to the cab, I the cut a rough angle on the band saw. Using a clamp to hold the I align the together, and sand the angle the same, then glue them on to the sleeping compartment.

The trailer connects to the cab simply with a dowel rod and a hole in the cab big enough allowing it to swivel. I then put another couple of half dowel like the fuel tanks on the trailer just to add aesthetics

I paint the cab red... well red truck what kid doesn't like a red truck and the trailer white. I paint the under carriage and wheels black, and use blue to paint the wind screen and side widows on the cab.

You could go further and put something on the trailer, if you have access to a vinyl cutter like the Cameo Silhouette then you could put you favorite freighting or truck company or even racing team.

This project was done with scrap wood, and done off the cuff on the fly, with a bit of thought and patience you could make really nice toy.