Introduction: Simple Transistor Switching

Transistors have 3 pins: Emitter, Base, and Collector. If you apply power to the Emitter and Collector pins, the Collector will emit power. This can be used to make electronic switches, passcode locks, ETC.

This uses:
- 1x 2n3904 Transistor
- 1x Switch
- 1x LED
- 1x 100R Transistor
- 1x Breadboard
- And Some Breadboard Wires

Step 1: EBC

Step 2: Add the 2n3904

Step 3: Add the Positive Wire

Step 4: Add the Switch

Step 5: Add the 100R Resistor

Step 6: Add Your LED

Step 7: Flip the Switch a Few Times?

Does the LED turn on or off?