Introduction: Simple: Turn Any Headphone Into Wireless Headset

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I wanted to share this thing i made some months ago which turns any headphone into a bluetooth wireless headset...

This works with any bluetooth device(pc, tablet, phone), plug in any headphone to this device, connect with bluetooth and play music.. Also have inbuilt microphone (for speaking on a call). Rechargeable battery with a mini usb port for charging. And most important... Sound Quality is awesome!!! No deterioration at all...! (I tested with Sennheiser headphones.)

I had a bluetooth headset (byte corseca) which I stopped using when I bought some other better one, so it was just laying around and I thought to make something out of it. So let's get started...

Step 1: Components Needed:

You'll need any bluetooth headset.

As well as:

1. Aux Jack or 3.5mm audio jack x1

2. Wires.

3. Soldering Iron with solder wire and flux(optional)

4. Glue Gun (optional)

Step 2: Disassemble the Old Headset.

1. Remove the cover..

2. Remove the battery wires soldered on the chip..

3. Remove the Left and right speaker wires soldered on the chip..

4. Now, the part with the fitted chip and the battery will be seperated..

Step 3: Solder the Connections on the Chip

Now, we'll connect all the wires on the chip with solder..

1. Connect the battery wires , ground and Vcc to the proper place on the chip.

2. Connect the left channel and right channel wires in their respective places on the chip, it's written SPK A and SPK B on the chip (see pic)..

3. Go to next step

Step 4: Connecting the Aux Jack

Now we'll connect the aux jack to the appropriate wires.

1. Put the aux jack on the pcb. Cut the part of the pcb having the aux jack.

2. Solder the ground wires coming from the SPK A and SPK B on the chip to the ground pin of the aux jack.

3. Solder the other wire coming from SPK A to the left pin of aux jack.

4. Solder the other wire coming from SPK B to the right pin of aux jack.

5. Solder the battery wires coming from chip to the battery. Check the +V and Gnd pins properly, don't exchange them.

Step 5: Assemble the Aux on to the Chip.

Now, put the aux jack in the space at the side of the chip(see picture).

Step 6: Secure the Soldering (optional)

Glue the chip where you have soldered the wires. Also glue the aux jack with the chip.

Step 7: Final Assembly

We have other cover of the headset where the battery is placed.

1. Put the battery in it's place in the cover.

2. Glue the battery so it won't misplace.

3. Put the cover on the other one having the chip and aux jack.(see picture)

4. Place it properly and glue it from the outside.(see picture)

Step 8: Finished...!

Here's the finished thing....

1. Power on the headset by pressing and holding the power button.

2. Connect to a phone with bluetooth.

3. Connect a headphone to the aux jack.

4. Play some music..