Introduction: Simple USB Altoids AA Charger!

Today I am going to show you guys how to build a 4x AA charger that works very well on any USB device. I have noticed that it can charge as fast as a wall charger, maybe even faster!
This tutorial is perfect to do if you are a beginner and want to learn how to solder!

Step 1: Parts

Here is what you will need, I have included the radio shack part numbers for some parts.

- 4 x AA Battery Holder #: 270-391 ($1)

- 1.2V/2000mAh AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries #: 23-525 ($20)
You need 4 of these, the part number is for only a 2 pack, you can find them cheaper like $4 for two sometimes.

- AA battery charger ( there are many kinds at radioshack and elsewhere)

- Soldering iron #: 64-2051 ($8)

-USB extension cable ($1)

That's all, lets get started!

Step 2: Putting the Holder In.

This part is a little tough to do, the AA battery holder barely fits and it makes the tin stretch out a little. Look at the picture for help.

Put the bottom side in first and then pop in the top

Step 3: Soldering the Wires.

First you need to cut the extension cable about where I did and remove the shielding then cut back the wires that aren't black and red.
Now you need to solder the red from the holder to the red on the usb extension cable. Then the black wire to the black on the Extension cable.
Here is a helpful diagram ( I am not good at making these)

Step 4: Your Done!

After you charged your batteries up put them in and you made your own AA charger that outputs around 5 volts!