Introduction: Simple Up-Cycled Knife Sharpener

Using basic household materials and equipment, make your own knife sharpener!


Drill, Hammer, Chisel, Saw, Sandpaper, Cloth, Ruler

Flat stone, smaller stone, Water, Wood plank (roughly 400mm x 300mm), Pencil, Polish.

Step 1: Find a Stone

Step 2: Check for Abrasion!

Rub with sandpaper and water, if a paste is formed, it is suitable.

Step 3: Grind With Smaller Stone

Grind down rough areas until flat.

Step 4: Sandpaper Until Smooth

Use increasing grits of sandpaper to achieve a smooth finish.

Step 5: [OPTIONAL] Polish the Stone

Step 6: Plan Cuts on Wood

Measure thickness of wood and plan accordingly.

Step 7: Cut Wood

Step 8: Chisel Half Lap Joints

Ensure the joints are perpendicular to the board.

Step 9: Cut Pencil

Step 10: Sand the Pencil

Step 11: Drill Peg Holes

Step 12: Hammer Pegs

Step 13: Sharpening Your Object...


Push away from you and ensure the blade is straight. Make sure to use sharpen the whole of the blade otherwise the blade will become uneven.

Step 14: